Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wade Burleson stands firm


"I stand by every word I have written," says Pastor Wade Burleson on his blog in regard to his allegation that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will dismiss "Calvinists" from its Faculty.

I do not know all the Faculty at SWBTS, but there is at least one professor who is noticeably not bashful about his involvement with Hyrid Calvinism. That is Dr. Greg Welty.

At the so-called the Flounders-promoted "Building Bridges Conference" in the Fall of 2007, in his message on "Election and Effectual Calling" Dr. Welty opted for the Hybrid Calvinist "logical, not chronological" ruse on the New Birth, affirming that "regeneration" precedes faith in a "logical" sense (A Southern Baptist Dialogue--Calvinism, page 240).

In addition, Dr. Welty seemingly has a close affinity for the theology of the Flounders (aka Founders Ministries), which is committed to Hybrid Calvinism on the New Birth.

Evidently, Dr. Welty, like Ernest Reisinger who founded the Flounders, has been influenced by the Pedobaptist Reformed camp. Welty attended Westminster Theological Seminary, a veritable pit of Hybrid Calvinism on the "regeneration precedes faith" aberration.

Dr. B. H. CARROLL, Founder of Southwestern Seminary, did not hold to the Hybrid Calvinist idea that "regeneration precedes faith." Rather, Dr. Carroll taught that one is not born again until he has faith.
Here is a link to Dr. Carroll's view, in contrast to the view advocated by the Reformed, the Flounders, and Dr. Welty.

If Southwestern is going to be true to Dr. Carroll's view -- which we believe is scriptural -- perhaps Southwestern, rather than enacting dismissals, could at least suggest to those such as Dr. Welty that they resign and seek positions with a Reformed institution where the Hybrid Calvinist idea that "regeneration logically precedes" is taught as the "ordo salutis."

Perhaps Dr. Mohler at Southern Seminary, where Hybrids are welcome, could make room for the likes of Hybrids on the Faculty at Southwestern.

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