Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moody lives on


Brother Tom Ascol, head of the "Flounders" (aka Founders Ministries), seems delighted to report on his blog that he was interviewed on Moody Radio's Prime Time America (see here).

Seems rather incongruous that the head of a "ministry" which has been so critical of, and diverse from, the type of evangelistic ministry of the late evangelist, D. L. Moody, should now become associated with a Moody-related outreach. It makes one wonder if the people at Moody really have much knowledge of the Flounders' antipathy to the type of evangelistic work done by D. L. Moody, or if someone at the Moody organization has become infatuated with Hybrid Calvinism.

To us, it seems to be just another instance of how the Flounders are of a parasitical nature, willing to take advantage of any opportunity to "piggy-back" their propaganda which is basically focused upon a proselytization effort toward those who are considered to be "Arminian," "Pelagian," "synergist," and advocates of "free-willism."

While D. L. Moody was a zealous promoter of soul-winning, evangelism, and spreading the Gospel by every means possible, the Flounders have been zealous for the promotion of Pedobaptist "Reformed" Hybrid Calvinism and the practical "reforming" of churches in accordance with Pedobaptist "Reformed" theology and practice.

Evidently, someone at Moody who endorses the work of D. L. Moody needs to be more informed about the antipathy of the Flounders and Tom Ascol to evangelism which does not meet the Flounders' criteria.

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