Wednesday, December 17, 2008

B. H. Carroll on New Birth

Peter Lumpkins on --
B.H. Carroll and Being Born Again

Founders Calvinists often quote our Southern Baptist forefathers as if they (Founders) are the natural theological heirs of historic Southern Baptist theology. In some respects, I suppose, it could be argued successfully. There are some major--and in my view, devastating--exceptions to such idealism, however.

One such stalwart through which Founders attempts to trace their theological genealogy is B. H. Carroll. Carroll was the first president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and, by some measurements, may have been her greatest biblical theologian.

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Bob's Note: The Flyswatter is grateful for Peter Lumpkins' confronting Flounderism's misappropriation of B. H. CARROLL on what is perhaps the "heart" of Flounderite heterodoxy -- "regeneraton precedes faith."
This is the teaching of modern "Reformed" Pedobaptists, ostensibly created as a pretext for the baptism of unbelieving babes in arms on the presumption that such children born of Pedobaptist parents are "covenant children," inheritors of the "covenant promise."

While not adopting the baptism of babies heresy, the Flounders have always been so closely knit with the Pedobaptists that they have absorbed the "born again before faith" notion.

What is rather paradoxical is that many of the Flounders actually attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but evidently failed to pay any attention to the teachings of the Founder of SWBTS, the late B. H. CARROLL. It is certainly an abuse and misuse of Carroll's name and image for the Flounders to try to cloak the Pedobaptist heresy on regeneration by identifying with the late Dr. Carroll.


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