Friday, January 23, 2009

My Campbellite debates


Brother Larry Wessels, Director of "Christian Answers of Austin, Texas," sent me his latest Catalog of available audio-video productions. For a copy of the Catalog, please email Larry at or you can phone the "leave message" number at 1-218-8022, or write P. O. Box 144441, Austin, Texas 78714.

Any email requests sent to me will be forwarded to Larry at Brother Wessels is the "official" and "authorized" source for my debates with Church of Christ ministers, which includes the following:

Bob L. Ross vs. W. A. "Bill" Jackson
Bob L. Ross vs. David Brown
Bob L. Ross vs. Tom Bright
Bob L. Ross vs. Stephen Wiggins
Bob L. Ross vs. Bobby Duncan & Don McWhorter (TV debate)
Bob L. Ross vs. George Williams & Don Bennett (TV debate)

Larry has also produced several other items, including --Bob L. Ross and Stephen Garrett on "Who Are the Hardshell Baptists?" (3 hours)

Bob L. Ross on "C. H. Spurgeon: Man of God" (45 minutes)

Bob L. Ross on "A Pilgrimage to Spurgeon Country" -- audeo/video taped on my 1996 trip to the historic sites associated with Spurgeon's life and ministry. This is available on Google and Yahoo video.

Bob L. Ross on "Campbellism, Its History and Heresies" (2 hours).

Bob L. Ross on "Can Musical Instruments Send You to Hell" (90 minutes).

Bob L. Ross and Larry Wessels on the "Boston Movement," or "International Church of Christ" (2 hours)

Larry has other programs in which I have participated with Larry, and the Catalog will inform you of these.

Christian Answers of Austin, Texas website, managed by Brother Steve Morrison, is at

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