Sunday, January 25, 2009

MacArthur's "sinner's prayer"?


By Ian Elsasser

How many times have we come upon writings by Reformed men, whether online or in books, denigrating the use of the sinner's prayer? I came upon this sermon by John MacArthur of Grace Community Church and it closes with what appears to be a sinner's prayer (see this link).

While your heads are bowed for just a moment, if you do not know Christ but you desire to receive the salvation that He offers, the forgiveness of sin and eternal life, will you in the quietness of your own heart say...Lord God, I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe that He God in flesh died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin, rose again, provided perfect satisfaction and I receive the gift of salvation in His name, turning from my sin I commit myself to follow Him. Pray that prayer and may true salvation be yours this day. Amen. ("Looking At The Cross from God's Perspective," a sermon on Romans 3.24-31)

Since Dr. MacArthur is respected and championed by some of these same men because of his Reformed theology, this must create a dilemma for them. Rather than continuing to oppose the practice, I recommend that these men rethink their position and see that there is a legitimate and acceptable place for the use of such a prayer in a meeting for sinners desiring to come to Christ.

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