Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Southwestern Seminary controversy


Pastor Wade Burleson, no stranger to controversy in Southern Baptist circles, has aroused quite a bit of attention with his latest blog in which he alleges that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, plans to rid itself of "Calvinists" on its faculty.

Pastor Burleson has not as yet revealed the evidence which would substantiate his pronouncement, but he is sticking by his guns anyway. His article has provoked a great deal of response from readers, ranging from one extreme to the other.

At this point, we can only say that if Wade's comments are valid, then a long-awaited serious response to the infiltration of Hybrid Calvinism, which is passing as "Calvinism," may be forthcoming. On this blog, we have called for a strong response to the "Reformed" version of "Calvinism" such as advocated by the Flounders (aka Founders Ministries) and many at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.

We would not like to see a legitimate creedal Calvinist be victimized, but if it is the Hybrid Calvinists who would be the objects of SWBTS' action, we believe the school is acting in the interests of Southern Baptists.

More on this later, as more is learned about this report by Pastor Burleson.

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