Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ruckman's retreat from Marrs


Back in the 1990's, we were engaged for sometime in dealing with "King James Onlyism" of the most extreme variety. The "Big Three" advocates of KJVO at the time were Peter Ruckman, Texe Marrs, and Gail Riplinger. Due to their attacks on what we believe to be orthodox Christian doctrine, it befell our lot to respond to their attacks.

During that period, Ruckman was a "big time" promoter of Big Texe Marrs, the foremost "conspiracy" theorist of the past several years. In fact, Ruckman had a list of those men who were allegedly on Janet Reno's Government Mafia "Hit List," and Texe Marrs was Numero Uno 1.

Ruckman said --

"Now, the dykes and sex perverts in Washington have drawn up a hit list. The WEB and the Internet and the fax and the surveillance going on now is to define those targets and then remove them. If you want to know who those targets are, I can name them for you . . . you will see the sudden 'SUICIDE' of these targets or their 'HEART FAILURES' or their ACCIDENTAL death in a PLANE CRASH . . . all kinds of ACCIDENTS happen to people like this . . . They had the 'scope' on them. I KNOW WHO the targets are in the next TWO or THREE years. On this 'prophesy' I CAN'T MISS," and then at the close of the article he lists a number of supporting Scripture references (Bible Believers Bulletin, May 1997, page 12).

He went on to say, "The targets that have to be eliminated" are:

"Number one: Texe Marrs of Texas. That man would be considered by all Federal bureaucrats to be the most dangerous man in America. And small fry like Jim Jones, David Koresh, John Dillinger, Al Cappone, 'Pretty Boy' Floyd, or even 'Lucky' Luciano would be small fry alongside of Texe Marrs" (page 12).

Others names on the alleged "Hit List" were Jack Chick, Don McAlvany, Tom Anderson, and surprislingly lagging behind at #5 was Peter Ruckman. He said, "I don't kid myself about these things. I don't overestimate my importance, but I know where I stand with the New World and the New Age and the News Media. I know exactly where I stand. They hate my guts."

We sorta just poked fun at Ruckman's "prohecy," for after all, he was the same man who had earlier "guessed" when the Rapture would take place, but it didn't. He was also the same man who said the Antichrist would return in a UFO, land in St. Peters in Rome, and start giving the "Mark of the Beast" by kissing people on their foreheads and hands. And that didn't happen, either.

Ruckman is now 87-years old and neither he nor any one of the others on the "Hit List" has been "hit" or "eliminated" by any assassins, but Ruckman and his palabber have been pulverized by many of those who have enough sense not to fall for nonsense.

But, Lo and behold, even Ruckman has lately retreated from Marrs. He took flight in his Baptist Believers Bulletin for December 2008, wherein he says of Marrs:

"It is amazing, today, to watch American journalists and writers attack one race of people night and day.
. . .
"The first one is a Christian who professes to believe the King James Bible, Texe Marrs. He was the first Christian in America to really go after the Jews hammer and nail, fist and mace, shotgun and rifle, and sword and knife. He finally got so tangled up in right-wing stuff that he had the Jews starting the American Revolution and the Civil War and running the Illuminati, the Masons, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, and the Vatican." (page 20)

Now -- in his February 2009 Bulletin -- Ruckman further says of Marrs:

"The great 'falling away' (2 Thess. 2:3), predicted in A.D. 65 and 68 (1 Tim. 4:1–3; 2 Tim. 3:1–9), is now led by the NCCC, Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, Joel Osteen, Texe Marrs . . ." (page 1).

If I recall correctly, the recent findings about the planet, Mars, is that there is no water or life there. It seems that Ruckman may have at last discovered that the same is true when it comes to the writings, conspiracy speculations, and other drivel published by Big Texe Marrs of Austin, Texas. Maybe Ruckman has finally "seen the light" on Marrs.

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