Saturday, January 17, 2009

Charles' whereabouts


There have been some questions about whether Charles is going to return to the Flyswatter. Frankly, I have no idea. He has been "AWOL" since late October 2008 so far as posting anything on this blog. This is his longest period of absence since I began posting about three years ago.

The speculations as to "Why?" have been endless. Is he sick? Did he die? Is he on a long trip? Did his computer crash and he has not restored it? Has he simply "burned out" on blogging and simply dropped out, as some others have done the past year?

I have no answer.

"Charles" has always been anonymous to me and to those who read this blog. I have a $50 Reward for anyone who can reveal to me his identity and whereabouts. The only communication I could ever have with him was by email, and even that is no longer operable. For all I know he could have been an "angel unawares" and has fulfilled his mission.

Charles, if you are still out there and reading this, will you please let me know your intentions? If any one out there knows anything about Charles, will you please let me know at ?

I am not as experienced as Charles on managing a blog, but I have nevertheless opened up a "cousin" blog, called REFORMED FLYSWATTER, and hope to learn more about handling a blog. On the new blog I am able to moderate your Comments (which I am not able to do on the Flyswatter, as all I have access to do on the Flyswatter is post articles and directly post my comments).

As time goes on and the Lord permits, I will continue posting articles on both the Flyswatter and the new blog, but I will only be able to moderate your comments on the Reformed Flyswatter.

I sincerely hope in due time Charles will once again resume his oversight of The Calvinist Flyswatter.

COMMENTS: Please submit all comments about this article to either (1) my email address:, or (2) the Reformed Flyswatter comments section.


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