Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Founders not Creedal Calvinists


Flounder Timmy Brister has posted on his blog the following categorization:

"Category 3 (cooperating Calvinists) would include Tom Ascol (Founders), Al Mohler, Mark Dever (IX Marks), Tom Nettles, Greg Welty, Darrin Patrick, Nathan Finn, majority of SBTS faculty, and myself (among others)."

I do not know the views of all of these gentlemen, but I challenge the appropriateness of identifying any of them who holds the Flounders' view on REGENERATION PRECEDES FAITH as being Creedal Calvinists.

I will add that any of the "non-Calvinist" or "anti-Calvinist" gentlemen who critique the Flounders is mistaken, in my opinion, if he refers to the Flounders in any way which implies that the Flounders are representative of "Calvinism" on REGENERATION.

Creedal Calvinists repudiate the view held by the Flounders such as Brister, Tom Ascol, Tom Nettles, etc. on "regeneration precedes faith."

For the better part of the past three years, the Flyswatter has exposed the Flounders' view on "regeneration precedes faith" as being a HYBRID view primarily fostered by the Pedobaptists and is not representative of Creedal Calvinism and Calvinists. We have refused to use the term "Calvinist" of the Flounders without qualifying it by the use of "Hybrid." [See What constitutes "Hybrid" Calvinism? and Hyper and Hybrid, What's the Difference?]

We have demonstrated that the Calvinist confessions of faith and outstanding Calvinists in history do not teach the "regeneration precedes faith" fantasy.


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