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To give further elucidation on our use of the term "Flounders," please note --

At Friday, April 25, 2008 12:02:00 PM, Bob L. Ross said...


Will Shin said..."flounders?" Unless this is a blog of 5 year old brats who need spanking, the name-calling/mocking speaks a great deal about your own immaturity and character in Christ.

Webster defines "floundering" as "struggle to move or obtain footing; to proceed or act clumsily or ineffectually . . . (because of poor study habits)."

If you will read our various critiques of the self-styled "Founders'" claims and assertions, you will perhaps see that it is highly inappropriate to associate the names of true founders, such as those pictured on the Flounders' website, with the so-called "Founders Ministries." There are just too many contrasts to give credibility to the claim of Tom Ascol and his associates that this "ministry" represents what those Baptists of the past believed and practiced.

Therefore, I believe the word "Flounder" is appropriate to use in application to the clumliness and ineffectualness of this alleged "ministry." Also, the use of "Flounders" serves to make a "statement" that we have no respect for Ascol & his friendlies' abuse and misuse of the names of men such as Boyce, Broadus, Spurgeon, Dagg, etc.


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