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Felix is with the Lord


For over the past 30+ years, I often heard my good friend, Felix N. Parsons Sr. (Born May 1, 1925) express the deep longing that eventually he would be able to hear . . . when he went to be with the Lord.

That longing was fulfilled last evening [Dec. 29, 2008] at about 7:15 when Felix went home to be with the Lord Jesus whom he loved so dearly.

Felix completely lost his hearing at age 16, following an auto accident near Gainesville, Texas on a return trip from Denton, Texas where he had gone with a group of young Christian singers to fulfill a singing engagement. At that time, he had already received an appointment to attend West Point where he would prepare to become a pilot, but the loss of his hearing brought an end to that ambition. Instead, he was given a scholarship to the university of his choice.

He chose the University of Texas where he studied architectural engineering and became the first deaf person to graduate from the institution with the BS AE degree. He went on to become a noted architectural engineer in Texas, his primary employment being for over 23 years with the well-known Brown & Root Company of Houston.

His work included the first nuclear facility in Texas, the Coors plant in Golden, Colorado, the Sylvan Beach Pavilion in LaPorte, Texas, and other notable structures in the Harris County, Texas area. He also was part of the group of architects to work on the British Petroleum plant at Texas City which exploded in 2005, and he told me that he early-on "advised the company to relocate the dangerous unit to a safe distance, at a small cost of about $5,000, but my words fell on deaf ears." Several were killed in the explosion and many others were injured.

Felix was a very diligent Bible student, and an excellent "lip-reader" which made it possible for him to profit spiritually in attending Bible classes and church services. He had a greater grasp of the Bible than many preachers I have heard. Over the past few years, it has been my habit to pick him up every Sunday for church services and usually have lunch with him. He was a strong believer in prayer, and he often told me it would take a huge book for him to record all the "miracles" God had done for him in answer to prayer.

The last five years have been years of trial for Felix. He had three periods of extended hospitalizations (4 weeks, 5 weeks, and 5 weeks). Much of this was due to improper medication by physicians and medical facilities which apparently were seeking as much Medicare financing as they could reap. Old age is indeed the "Golden Years" for those in the medical industry who make megabucks off of aging citizens.

Funeral and Burial plans are yet to be made and announced.

-- Bob L. Ross


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Here are a few comments sent to Bob's email address:

May God comfort you and those who loved Felix in view of his death. Though he did have health issues, as you have described to me, I know you gave of your time and labour to visit him and take care of his home while he was in the hospital for his last stay. You are in my prayers, brother. With regard -- Ian.


I know you have lost a dear friend. I praise the Lord that you were a friend to him. I’m glad I got to know him, though briefly. Thankfully, we do not grieve as those who have no hope. That’s a comfort! There are so many promises that make the passing of a believer a glorious affair even while we’re sad to lose those we love. The older I get the more I think about how long I may have left and how I can best use that time to please the Lord and bring Him glory. “But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” --Philippians 3:13-14. --BBB


Thank you for the inf. on Felix. . . . I am deaf as well. I am now pastor for deafs at Grace Deaf Church sharing the church building with Bethany Baptist church in Wausau, Wisc. . . . I have spoken to you a few times many years ago and have enjoyed reading your many articles. I do appreciate that you wrote about Felix. I would like to meet him one day when it is time for me to go to heaven. May God be a blessing you. -- Don


Praise the Lord! -- Dave


Sorry to hear of Felix's passing. He was fortunate to have you as a close friend and to look after him. Kathy, Kim and I enjoyed meeting with you and Felix and hope that our work to save his Pavilion brought him some joy in his final days. Please inform us concerning funeral arrangements. We will post his obituary at our websites home page. -- Ted, "Save the Sylvan Beach Pavilion."


I know he will be missed. . . . Glad you could help him so much. . . . He was a unique individual, very intelligent, and spiritually minded. -- Ruth


We are so sorry about what you have been through w/Felix & have been praying for you. Thank you for your love & care for him. -- Harold & Deborah

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Bob, Sorry to hear about Felix's passing, as I know you shall miss him. May God reward you for your faithful aid in the lives of so many like him through the years. Arlene & I were in Fort Worth for a week and returned 12/30. We spent New year's Eve in the emergency room, as she developed pneumonia, but were sent home finally with medication. Look for a Spurgeon quote in our January church newsletter. Hope you and Michael are in good health. Keep in touch! LENNIE WILSON


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