Monday, December 08, 2008

"Casualties of anti-Calvinism"?


Timmy Brister is whining on his blog about a report that a couple of "Calvinist" pastors have been "fired," and Brister is blaming it on "Anti-Calvinism." Brister attempts a tear-jerking appeal, referring to how the pastors' families will be affected. "Imagine what this does to their families," Brister whines.

If this report is true, and these pastors were fired over their promoting the type of "Calvinism" which Brister and the Flounders represent, the firings probably resulted after these pastors had campaigned in an effort to "reform" these churches and turn them into Reformed "Bapbyterians."

A few years ago, a similar thing occurred here in our area. Ernest Reisinger, founder of the Flounders, showed up at my book store, accompanied by a couple of other young pastors. Ernie explained that he was in the Houston area to try to help in a troublesome situation related to "the doctrines of grace." It seems that at least one of the pastors was having trouble trying to reform the church he pastored, and Ernie was here to do what he could to help. I later learned that this young pastor lost his pastorate, and Ernie's efforts had failed. Whose fault was it? Of course . . . it was the fault of the "Anti-Calvinists," who else!

The Flounders have created a persecution complex -- every time they meet with resistance to their so-called "reform," it seems the trouble is the fault of the "Anti-Calvinists." Reisinger's "reform" led to the demise of a Baptist church in North Pompano, Florida, but of course . . . it was not his fault!


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