Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Spurgeon pressed for decision


May I ask that everyone here will say, “Yes,” or, “No,” to the invitation to give himself up to Christ?

If you will do so, say, “I will.”

If you will not do so, say deliberately, “I will not.”

I wish I could get hold of an undecided man and, taking his hand, could say to him, “Now, you must tell me which it will be.”

I can imagine some of you would say, “Oh, give me time to consider!” and I would reply, “You have had time to consider. Your hair is getting gray.”

In spite of all our entreaties, people say, “Oh, but I do not like to decide so suddenly!” If I asked you whether you would be honest, I hope that you would not take many minutes to answer that! Why, then, should you hesitate so long in giving your adherence to Christ? . . .

The question is, Will you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ? The absence of an affirmative answer means, “No, I will not.” . . .

I pray you, think of it, and I hope that you will alter your decision as many another man has done when he has calmly considered the magnitude of the issues at stake and the awful result which must come of rejecting Him who is now the Savior, but who will one day sit as the Judge!

But we are the more determined to press you for some decision . . .

O Sirs, if you that hear the Gospel will not have my Master, we will go and bring in the publicans and harlots—and they shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven before you! Sons of pious parents, children of Sunday schools, if you believe not, you shall be cast into “outer darkness” where shall be “weeping and gnashing of teeth”—while the people whom you despise— infidels and profligates, the very scum of society, shall accept the Savior and live! . . .

But I would urge you to yield yourself unto the Lord, that you may be found at the marriage supper of the Lamb. Do not trifle with eternal matters! If you want to play the fool, do it with counters or with pebbles, but not with your soul that shall live forever in bliss or in woe!

[Read the entire sermon by C. H. Spurgeon here].


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