Monday, December 15, 2008

More Flounderism at Southern?


The Baptist Press has a report today that the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville is launching a "Ph.D. in spirituality."

This new program appears to be the "brain child" of Don Whitney, a board member of the Flounders Ministries.

Whitney is one of two Flounders' Board members on the faculty at SBTS, the other being Tom Nettles.

The BP news report says, "Tom Schreiner, associate dean of Scripture and interpretation at Southern and New Testament editor of the recently released 'ESV Study Bible'
(Crossway 2008), will teach exegetical foundations for spirituality." The Flyswatter commented on Schreiner's "regeneration precedes faith" heresy awhile back. The Flyswatter also briefly commented on the Hybrid Calvinism of the "ESV Study Bible."

The influence of Flounderism's Hybrid Calvinism seems to be gaining even further influence at SBTS, and we expect an even further corrupting influence by the "born again before faith" heresy. We will soon be seeing "Ph.D." grads of SBTS promoting the Pedobaptist Hybrid Calvinist heterodoxy that the "elect" get born again before they are ever brought to faith in Christ by the instrumentality of the Word and its application by the Holy Spirit.


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