Friday, October 03, 2008

Brister on Flounders' purpose


In what ostensibly is a review of an item written by Dr. Steve Lemke of New Orleans Baptist Seminary, Timmy Brister quotes the Flounders' "purpose," and re-affirms the wrong purpose for their parasitical, proselyting existence. See Brister's comments at -- Steve Lemke on “Four Streams” of Calvinism, Part 1

Brister is the recently-hired assistant to Flounders' head, TOM ASCOL, pastor of Grace Baptist Chuch, Cape Coral, Florida. Here is what we said about the Flounders' floundering "purpose" in a previous post of May 2, 2008, calling on the Flounders to repent of the error of their way:

A careful examination of the Flounders statement of purpose on their web site will reveal that there is no committal to the primary commission of preaching the Gospel to every creature, winning souls, and establishing churches.

Rather, their purpose is to "reform" existing churches in the Southern Baptist Convention in accordance with their version of the "doctrines of grace" -- meaning the version of "Calvinism" held by the Reformed Pedobaptists, involving the heresy of "born again before faith."

In consequence of the pursuit of this purpose, the Flounders have become a proselytizing sect, and have nothing to show by way of winning souls and establishing churches of new converts. If they have established a single new church composed of converts made thru preaching the Gospel, I have yet to learn of it. Rather, they spend their time and money on such projects as mailing Presbyterian "Reformed" DVDs to Baptist pastors, trying to seduce them to believe in Hybrid Calvinism.

Therefore, perhaps more than any other "corporate" group in need of "corporate repentance," the Flounders are a leading candidate.

Now on his blog, Timmy Brister is quoting and re-affirming this "purpose" of the Flounders in contrast to the Commisssion to make disciples, baptize converts, establish churches, and thereby build up the Kingdom of God.

Despite all the Flounders' more recent jabberwocky and palabber about "church planting," this movement is DEAD in regard to evangelism, soul winning, and the establishment of churches. To my knowledge, the ONLY churches "planted" by the Flounders are those which came into being due to divisiveness over "Reformed" doctrine. If Brister knows one that started differently, he is welcome to give us that information.

Steve Lemke is absolutely correct in saying that the Flounders "make their Calvinism the focal point of their ministries."

I knew the Founder of the Flounders, Ernest Reisinger personally since 1966, and his consuming obsession was to proselyte people to the modern Pedobaptist version of "Calvinism," involving -- among other things -- the heresy of "born again before faith," no public "invitations," and "Presbyterian" church government.

Reisinger's "model" or "example" of "reforming" a church is presented in his book, A Quiet Revolution, chapter 4, and it was unfortunately hatched at the North Pompano Baptist Church in North Pompano
Beach, Florida after Reisinger became pastor in the late 1970s.

Reisinger's "reformation" work led to the ultimate demise of this church. See Flounders' Local Church Reformation


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