Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Baseball--goat vs holy water?


For years, the Chicago Cubs have been plagued by an alleged "curse" placed on them by the owner of a goat. If you don't know the story, there are a number of sites on the Internet where it is told -- see Wikipedia

Since the Cubs have not returned to the World Series since the incident about the goat in 1945, the "curse of the goat" has grown to epic proportions, and by some has supposedly accounted for plays on the field which have allegedly accounted for the Cubs' losses.

Now the Cubs are once again in the National League Division Series, opening today at the Cubs' Wrigley Field against the Los Angeles Dodgers. You can bet your goatee that if the Cubs fail to win the NLDS and subsequently the NL Pennant and fail to make it to the World Series this year, the "curse of the goat" will once again be the "talk of the town."

A Roman Catholic priest has already sprinkled "Holy Water" in the Cubs dugout, perhaps as a means of dispelling the "curse of the goat."

Of course, the self-proclaimed "rational minded" baseball fans discount the "curse of the goat," and the "biblically minded" persons discount any influence by Roman Catholic "Holy Water." Baseball players across the years have often been given to superstitions of various sorts, but this is a "first" (for me at least) to see a Roman Catholic priest applying "Holy Water" to the dugout.

I am curious which superstition will win out -- the "curse of the goat" or Roman Catholic "Holy Water."

NOTE: I got back from Wednesday night church service to see the last out of the first game. Score: Goat 7, Holy Water 2.


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