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Common Denominator of Hybrid Calvinism


Bob to Charles:

The common denominator of Hybrid Calvinists -- both the baby regenerationists Presbyterians and the Flounder-type Baptists -- is the "born again before faith" heresy.

For instance, I saw where Southern Seminary student, Timmy Brister, referred to an item by David Wells on conversion, and the same David Wells was the featured speaker at Tom Ascol's latest Flounders' conference. Ascol was James White's choice to assist him in the proposed debate with the Caner brothers, which never took place.

Now, here is how David Wells palabberates the Hybrid Calvinism which is the "common denominator" of all Hybrid Calvinists:

The creative, regenerative work of God produces an overwhelming desire to turn from sin and conveys the ability to believe in Christ, though initially God’s regenerative work may take place below the level of consciousness
(Comparing Modern-day Alternatives to Biblical Conversion, page 202) via

Wells sets forth this Backdoor Pelagianism of Hybrid Calvinism, which allegedly gives the sinner "ability" to obey God's commands.

All of these Hybrid Calvinists are Backdoor Pelagians, teaching that the sinner is given "ability" to repent and believe, contrary to creedal Calvinism which affirms that effectual calling (new birth) is by the power of the Word and Spirit upon the "dead" sinner, just as in the case of Ezekiel's dry bones (Ez. 37).

The Hybrids do not believe in the CREATIVE power of the Word blessed by the Spirit in regeneration, as we have demonstrated from Shedd and Berkhof.

For example, Louis Berkhof (who is the favorite theologian of the Banner of Truth and Iain Murray) specifically denied the use of the Word as an instrumentality in regeneration. He calls this "regeneration" a creative "hyper-physical operation of the Holy Spirit" (page 471). Here is how he describes this pseudo-surgery:

"Regeneration is a creative act, by which the spiritually dead sinner is restored to life. But the truth of the gospel can only work in a moral and persuasive way. SUCH AN INSTRUMENT HAS NO EFFECT ON THE DEAD" (page 475).

In his Summary of Christian Doctrine which is on the Internet, Berkhof says:

It is a creative work in which for that very reason the word of the gospel CANNOT very well be used as an instrument.

With this distorted notion, which is an obvious denial of the CREATIVE instrumental power of the Gospel (Romans 1:16), Berkhof attempts to justify the heresy of "baby regeneration."

This perversion clearly conflicts with the Westminster Confession, which is the same on "Effectual Calling" as the 1689 London Confession. Berkhof even admits that "Effectual Calling" in the Confession "includes regeneration" (page 470), but he still persists in making a separation.

The Confession teaches that sinners are called by the Word and Spirit which simply means that the Word is the instrument used by the Spirit in regeneration.

But the Hybrids choose to go the Pelagian route -- making the sinner "alive" and having "ability" beforehand.

The true Creedal or Confessional view is that the WORD AND SPIRIT effectually call the sinner to faith and life, which are simultaneous.


At Monday, July 09, 2007 12:26:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every now and then (that is once every few months) I return only to find the same song being played. A lousy tune at that.

At Tuesday, July 10, 2007 8:57:00 AM, Blogger Stephen Garrett said...

Music is in the ear of the listernen like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I love to hear gospel invitations, given with zeal, love and fervency of spirit for the lost. It is good music to me.

What is an ugly minor chord is the view that sinners cannot be called to life by the preaching of the gospel, a deathly sound! Devilish sounding music is this!

Keep swatting those flies! It seems that a whole plague of them are ready to burst forth into the Baptist skies! I got my flyswatter!

God bless and keep playing that gospel fiddle and trumpet. I'll play the bass!

At Tuesday, August 07, 2007 12:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow a three piece band playing 'same ole, same ole. Enjoy your listernen then ya'll.


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