Friday, September 26, 2008

"The Gospel Coalition"?


Flounders assistant pastor Timmy Brister has indicated he will be sharing his interests with another alleged "recovery of the Gospel" Reformed group called "The Gospel Coalition." This is a new group of Reformed personalities, with both Pedobaptists and professed Baptists involved.

TGC claims to be a "recovery of the Gospel" type of effort -- as if the Gospel needs to be recovered and as if these Reformed sources are qualified to be the recoverers. Sounds like the same old song, using the term "recovery" instead of "restoration" which has been used by cults for centuries.

Since "Reformed" seems to be the predominant ideology of TGC, this means that the same old Hybrid Calvinist "gospel" of "born again before faith" probably prevails among the constitutency, especially so with the Pedobaptists.

I'm not surprised that Brister would buy into this group, but anyone who knows the Gospel will most likely simply be amused by the ideas (1) that the Gospel needs to be either "recovered" or "restored" and (2) that the Reformed camp is capable of being a "recoverer."

Most young Sunday School students who are born again know the Gospel and would perhaps realize that the eggheads among the Reformed are not going to "recover" or "restore" anything of any significance related to the Gospel.


At Monday, November 10, 2008 5:22:00 PM, Blogger Logan Greer said...

I believe the Gospel Coalition was formed to counter the liberal movement away from the centrality of the gospel. Be sure you're fighting the right people.


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