Monday, October 11, 2010

Founders' Revised Blog

Congratulations to the Founders
seem to be in order

I am in the habit of checking on the Founders Ministry blog to keep abreast of what their "reformation" is up-to. Lately, it seems that the Founders have changed their blog's heading, and they have apparently abandoned using the art drawings of several notable Baptists of past ages. I commend them for this change. The use of those drawings apparently was intended to allege that the Founders perpetuated the views of these outstanding Baptists of the past.

However, as we have demonstrated for the past few years (since early 2006), the Founders are not as representative of these men as they would apparently have you think. In fact, we find the Founders far more representative of Pedobaptist or Reformed Hybrid Calvinism than the theology of Baptists. It would have been more appropriate for the Founders to use art-drawings of Pedobaptist notables than of Baptist notables.

[NOTE, Oct. 13, 2010: Since posting this blog, I went back and retrieved a comment we published awhile back about this matter:

The Flounders would at least give some respectability to themselves if they changed those photos on their blog. Remove those Baptists whom they do not really represent, and put up photos of the following:

Ernest Reisinger
Iain Murray
Louis Berkhof
Tom Nettles
Tom Ascol
Bill Ascol
Fred Malone

These, I think, may more appropriately be called the "Founders." I think Murray and Berkhof should be there due to the influence of their Hybrid Calvinist theology on the Flounders. In fact, they might want to put photos of Pedos R. C. Sproul and Martyn Lloyd-Jones up there, too, since Ernie Reisinger cites their influence on his theology (Ernest Reisinger, A Biography, page 217). Iain Murray belongs there, if for no other reason than he "fathered" the anti-invitationalism for which the Flounders have become so well-known].

In view of the Founders' abandoning the use of Baptist figures on their blog, we feel it is in order to Congratulate them on the revision. A visit to their blog will now be far less agitating than we have hitherto experienced.

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