Monday, July 26, 2010

John T. Christian on the "Hardshells"

Stephen Garrett Continues in the
Historical Search on the "Hardshells"

Baptist Historian John T. Christian on the Hardshells

John T. Christian (emphasis mine - SG) wrote:

"Contemporaneous with the formation of the Triennial Convention there began among some Baptists an aggressive campaign against missions, education, Sunday schools, and indeed almost everything that organization fostered. The history of the Baptists of that period would be incomplete which did not give an account of the anti-effort secession variously called anti-missions and hardshellism. One can hardly, in this day, understand the rancor of speech which prevailed for years in many of the churches, and most of the early associations."

For the rest Stephen Garrett's article which features quotations from John T. Christian, go to:


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