Thursday, June 03, 2010

Founders continue to flounder


I notice that the "Flounders" (aka "Founders Ministries") wants you to pay $20 to attend their annual pre-Southern Baptist Convention breakfast this year in Orlando on June 15, 2010. You get breakfast plus a message from a leading Hybrid Calvinist speaker.

The guest speaker, who makes a good living off of conferences and speaking engagements, is R. C. SPROUL -- one of the "chief rabbis" of the Pedobaptist Hybrid Calvinist camp of "Reformed" theology.

Sproul not only advocates sprinkling babies and adding them to the church roll, he believes they can be "born again" in infancy (Reformation Study Bible, per the insert article on "Regeneration" at John 3).

Not only so, Sproul believes that an elect infant might even be born again before his physical birth. He says, "It is possible that God gave me new life within the womb, and over time I came into a deeper understanding of the faith He gave me."

So Sproul thinks it is "possible" he was born again in his mother's womb? Sproul has said he learned this type of phantasmagorical Hybrid Calvinism in a seminary of the pedobaptists (baby sprinklers):

"One of the most dramatic moments in my life for the shaping of my theology took place in a seminary classroom. One of my professors went to the blackboard and wrote these words in bold letters:
REGENERATION PRECEDES FAITH" (Chosen of God, page 72).

Ever since learning that biblical and theological error from his pedobaptist professor, Sproul has been an ardent advocate of the "born again before faith" heterodoxy. The Flounders are committed to the same error, hence their infatuation with Sproul and others who spawn this teaching. This teaching is one of the primary reasons why we see little to no evangelism by the Hybrid Calvinists. While the Flounders have from time-to-time professed to be interested in "church planting," so far as we can learn they have little if anything to show in that category.

If you have $20 to waste in Orlando, you might find a better meal at Disney World than at the Flounders' breakfast.

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