Monday, April 06, 2009

Akin to speak for Founders


The annual Southern Baptist Convention is meeting in Louisville, Kentucky this June, and the "Founders Breakfast" which "piggy-backs" the SBC has invited Dr. Danny Akin of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to be the guest speaker.

I don't know if this is a step forward for the Flounders, or a step backwards for Dr. Akin. The Flounders are committed to a different theology on regeneration than Dr. Akin has published in his book, A Theology for the Church. Also, Dr. Akin endorses the use of "public invitations" whereas Tom Ascol and his Flounders' associates follow the lead of Flounders' founder Ernest Reisinger and Flounders' godfather Iain Murray in repudiating the use of public invitations.

It is understandable that the Flounders eagerly welcome an enhancing association with Dr. Akin inasmuch as the Flounders are apparently struggling to maintain their pretentious identity as being the self-proclaimed representative of the founders of Southern Baptists. Their promotion of Pedobaptist (baby baptizer) Hybrid Calvinist theology on the New Birth and Reformed ecclesiology have not enhanced the Flounders' image with Baptists.

The Flounders have become better known as promoters of the Pedobaptist elements rather than for engaging in the Great Commission which Dr. Akin has been emphasizing of late. The Flounders have always been a non-evangelistic, non-church establishing, proselytizing entity, devoted rather to their version of "reform" and the advocacy of the "doctrines of grace" (Hybrid Calvinist Reformed version).

It is rather paradoxical that Dr. Akin is associating with the Flounders inasmuch as Dr. Akin is seeking to promote a Great Commission Resurgence whereas the Flounders have always been devoted to the peculiar mission of "reforming" churches toward a Reformed theological emphasis which has proven itself to be non-Great Commission in its "ministry" since its beginning in 1982.

Perhaps Dr. Akin presumes that he may be able to help resurrect the Flounders from their relatively dead state as to evangelism and arouse them to the purpose of the church as found in our Lord's Commission. If this is the case, then we can only wish him "Good Luck."

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