Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Garrett nails Sproul disciple


Ligon Duncan is tight with Pedo Hybrid Calvinist advocate, R. C. Sproul, who claims that the "elect" get "born again before faith," even when they are in infancy. We have exposed Sproul a few times on the Flyswatter and in articles at this web site HERE.

Now, Brother Stephen Garrett, has exposed the "regeneration before faith" heresy of Sproul's protege.

I myself had a brief exchange with Duncan a few years ago when I objected to the "born again before faith" heresy promulgated by Sproul. Stephen's current blog begins --

#1 Answer Ligon's Comments
#2 Citations from Calvin
#3 Calvin - Faith & John's Gospel

I received the following comment from Ligon Duncan regarding my review of his writings on regeneration preceding faith. Here is what he wrote:

"I am looking forward to seeing your citations from Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, et al on this, Mr. Garrett. More importantly, I am looking forward to reading your Scriptural case for your views," etc.

Read how Stephen "nails the hide" of Duncan to the wall at this blog site:



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