Friday, February 06, 2009

Hybrid Calvinist delusions


It seems to be a "law" that one delusion fosters successive delusions. In the Hybrid Calvinist world of phantasmagoria, this "law" has been noticeably operable.

Beginning with the delusion that "regeneration precedes faith" as a starting point, other delusions have followed.

The latest delusion among the Hybrid Calvinists is that of Pastor Wade Burleson of Enid, Oklahoma -- as we have noted in a previous post -- claiming that God "controls" what he writes.

The Flounders (aka Founders Ministries) started years ago with Ernest Reisinger who was obsessed with the delusion of forming an alleged "ministry" committed to "reforming" Southern Baptist churches, making them "Reformed" churches after the order of Pedobaptist Presybyterians, sans infant baptism.

The Flounders have more recently come up with the delusion that they are going to "plant churches," but so far they have only succeeded in planting blogs and twitters.

Awhile back, they had the delusion of "Building Bridges," but it seems that did not amount to anything more than a "bridge to nowhere."

Chasing these delusions boils down to one simple primary result -- the Hybrid Calvinists are not engaged in evangelistic, soul-winning efforts.


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