Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flyswatter's 3rd anniversary


Those of you who are new to the Flyswatter can click on the above title for the history of the blog, written by "Charles" himself.

Charles' first post was "Introducing the Calvinist Flyswatter" in which he simply said:

The Calvinist Flyswatter is now online! The Flyswatter will swat the theological errors of all those pesky Calvinist flies that are swarming the blogosphere. [March 3, 2006].

At that time, I had never heard of either Charles or The Calvinist Flyswatter, and had never even considered participating in blogging in any way. I was satisfied with sending my writings directly to my sizeable email list. But in what I believe was a providential coincidence, about the time Charles started his blog, I was notified by one of the readers on my regular email list that Tom Ascol of the "Founders Ministries" blog had posted a comment by a fellow who referred to Bob Ross as a "goofball."

That might have been the worst thing ever identified with Ascol other than his being struck by lightning several months ago. That comment, in effect, was the catalyst for my becoming a critic of the Flounders (aka "Founders Ministries"), exposing their "Bapbyterianism" and fallacious claims about Baptists of the past.

As a result of tracking down that disparaging comment on the Flounders' blog, I stumbled upon reference to a blog called "The Calvinist Flyswatter" -- and the rest is history. I posted my first ever comment on a blog on the Flyswatter here.

During the course of his administration of the Flyswatter, Charles somehow managed to retain his anonymity. Even I never learned who he was (or is). The only thing he ever confided to me was an email address by which I could at least correspond with him. That email address is now defunct, and Charles' last participation on the Flyswatter was in late October 2008. Whether he is living or gone to be with the Lord, I do not know. If anyone ever knew who "Charles" was (or is), that person has not revealed it. All I know is, Charles is surely missed.

I am deeply grateful to Charles for his starting the blog and for his willingness to post my comments. A few months ago, Charles promoted me on the blog to the status of "Contributor," which facilitated my being able to post both articles and comments without any "moderation" by the Administrator. If he had not done that, I would not now be able to continue the blog, and to plead --

Charles, if you are still in the land of the living, please come back!

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