Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ascol's alienation?


Tom Ascol of the Flounders is now evidently attempting to ingratiate himself and the Flounders with the Southeastern Baptist Seminary, led by Dr. Danny Akin. Ascol has recently "pitched his tent" in the Seminary's "Great Commission Resurgence" camp, and has even come to the defense of the appearance of controversial Mark Driscoll at the Seminary's recent conference.

How long it will take Danny Akin to recognize that Ascol and the Flounders are not a "prize catch" remains to be seen. But if "history repeats itself," somehow Ascol will probably manage to "fall from grace" in due time.

Although Ascol is a graduate of Southwestern, he is not exactly in "good graces" with that school -- to put it mildly. He is at odds with Dr. Paige Patterson and other Faculty members.

Ascol attempted to lure Dr. Tom Nettles away from Southern, and also hired SBTS graduate Timmy Brister as his associate pastor -- despite the fact Brister has been an outspoken critic of President Al Mohler of SBTS. I doubt if those things embellished Ascol's image with Dr. Mohler.

New Orleans Seminary, where Dr. Steve Lemke is Provost, certainly has no quarter for Ascol and the Flounders.

So Ascol's "last stand" with the major SBC seminaries seems to be his effort to gain prestige from associating with Southeastern Seminary.

I would be surprised if Danny Akin permits Ascol to pull this off for long.

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