Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Where's the beef?"


There has been a lot of talk, blogging, and twittering by Flounders Tom Ascol and Timmy Brister about "church planting."

I have been keeping tabs on any reports of any evidence of "reform" on their part, whereby they have changed from promoting Hybrid Calvinism to trying to fulfill the Great Commission.

Unfortunately, all I have seen has been reports about their studies, surveys, meetings, and similar "talk" about church planting, but nothing about anything by way of any actual planting. If they have been doing any evangelistic work toward this purpose, somehow it has escaped my notice.

Brister seems to be especially gifted in blogging and twittering and other diversions, but when it comes to any actual planting of the Gospel among the lost in the area, the question is, "Where's the beef?"
(Remember the old hamburger commercial?)

"Talk is cheap," and the Flounders appear to be another example of it. They much prefer to "engage" those who are non-Calvinists, anti-Calvinists, etc. and will expend much time and fingering of the keyboard to try to reply to all the alleged errors of those who have different doctrinal views on certain doctrines and related matters.

We are made to wonder when they will "get down to business" in trying to do some planting? So far as I can tell from the blogs and twitters, since going to Florida Brister has spent hours upon hours on the keyboard and at meetings, but how much time has been devoted in the "highways and hedges" of E. Lee County where he has announced the Flounders will plant a church?

Suggestion to Ascol and Brister: Invite expert planter Ed Stetzer down to Cape Coral to demonstrate how its done.


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