Friday, July 04, 2008

No stats on Founders' FC '08?


It's been about a week since the Flounders National Conference of 2008, and still there has been no report of the number in attendance -- at least, not that I have seen.

I was told by one who attended all sessions that the attendance was "down" (less than 100 registered), and that there was talk of moving the 2009 Conference to Florida. Perhaps nearby Disney World will add enhancement for families to attend, gas prices permitting.

The Conference was "live-streamed" on the Internet, and Tom Ascol's assistant pastor, Timmy Brister, claims "over 3000 viewers" tuned in. Considering the fact that this evidently includes "repeat" visits by the same persons from Tuesday thru Friday, it would appear that "3000" might be considerably reduced as to the actual number of persons who viewed the Internet streaming. In fact, I think I was there four or five times myself, so that alone would reduce the number to less than 3000 actual persons. I would estimate that a few hundred probably watched some of the Conference on the live streams, considering the factor of "repeat" tune-ins.

Why have there been no statistics reported by the Flounders? They have been concerned about reported stats in the Southern Baptist Convention, but they do not seem to be so keen about reporting on the FC 'o8 attendance.

And I wonder -- who was in attendance? Was Dr. Mohler in attendance? Danny Akin? Tom's "debate buddy," James White? We know that Tom Nettles was there, and he apparently read a short paper on Daniel Marshall (1706-1784). I watched some of that.

My guess is that the Flounders have "cooled" considerably since the passing of Ernest Reisinger, and the subsequent ongoing blundering of his successor(s) and their money-wasting projects. Reisinger, of course, had far more influence and acceptance with the Pedobaptist Reformed sect, and
his absence may account for what appears to be less interest by Pedobaptists in the Flounders.

At any rate, we are still waiting on the actual statistics of how many registered for the Flounders' conference.


At Monday, July 07, 2008 11:22:00 PM, Blogger Charles said...

The Flounders sure hate to report their attendance numbers whether of churches or conferences. I wonder why?



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