Sunday, June 29, 2008

Founders did not repent


We left our post of June 22, 2008 up for the entire week of the Flounders National Conference, hoping that it might be an inspiration for the Flounders to repent of their misrepresentation of Baptist leaders of the past.

We were not asking them to repudiate the Pedobaptist Reformed Hybrid Calvinist view on regeneration -- born again before faith -- if they believe that is taught in Scripture, but we did ask them to renounce their misrepresentations of Baptist leaders and confessions of faith.

Thus far, as I have read reports of the Conference, it appears to be the case that the Flounders chose not to acknowledge their misrepresentations and enact "corporate repentance." We will continue to watch for any mention of this, just in case it has not yet surfaced.

However, if they did not enact "corporate repentance," we will continue to call attention to the Resolution and will defintely renew it at their next National Conference in 2009. In fact, I am considering publishing the call for repentance in the local newspaper where the Conference is held.

We feel that we have defintely had an influence over the Flounders since this blog started. They have moved in the direction, it would appear, to at least put more emphasis in their writings and conferences upon evangelism and church planting in contrast to promoting their Hybrid Calvinism version of the "doctrines of grace." We have shown that even Iain Murray, the virtual theoretical "father" of the Flounders' movement, has acknowledged the lack of evangelism and soul-winning on the part of those who have been so zealous in making proselytes to Hybrid Calvinism.

It seems that some of the Flounders, at least, are awakening to the fact that proselytism cannot sustain a healthy Baptist church. All too many "Calvinist" or "sovereign grace" Baptist churches have been formed and later disintegrated over the past several years since they "went to seed" on doctrine and did nothing to evangelize and make converts to Christ.

The Flounders and "Reformed" Baptists do not enjoy the same advantage that Hybrid Calvinist Pedobaptists have in sustaining their church memberships. The Pedos primarily rely on infant additions to the church, and that helps keeps them afloat. If they had to survive from evangelism and soul-winning, they would in most instances probably decline and even decease like many of the non-Pedo "Calvinist" churches have deceased.


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