Friday, June 08, 2007

Would Founders' Founder Agree with Tom Ascol's Resolution?

If Ernest Reisinger, the Founder of Founders Ministries (yes, they really believe what they are doing is a ministry), were alive, would he agree with Tom Ascol's proposed Resolution? Doesn't look like it.

Many thanks to Brother Bob Ross.


Bob to Charles:

As you are aware, Charles, the SBC is meeting next week and Tom Ascol is poised to make a pitch once again for his Resolution on Integrity in Church Membership.

One of the items I do not find prominently emphasized in Ascol's Resolution has to be with the importance of "follow-up" on those who are new professors of faith. His resolution seems primarily directed at scaling down the number on the church roll due to a lack of church attendance.

But to you know, Charles, that ERNEST REISINGER, the Founder of the "Flounders," apparently was somewhat "fatalistic" about doing "follow-up" on those who profess faith? Doing "follow-up" evidently was not a part of Reisinger's "revolution."

This is the approach advocated in the Founders Press book, A QUIET REVOLUTION, wherein Reisinger actually alleges that "follow-up" on new converts is "not necessary." He says:

"In God-centered evangelism, follow-up of believers is not necessary -- the sinner willingly becomes a follower . . . to do what everyone who is born again will want to do and will do without calling them every week to remind them and coerce them to worship and serve the Lord in his church" (page 81, A QUIET REVOLUTION).

So -- just as the "Reformed" theory on regeneration dispenses with the necessary use of "means" as an instrumentality used by the Spirit in "regeneration," the Founder of "Flounderism" likewise dispenses with the necessary use of "means" in "follow-up" on new believers.


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