Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Founders: Church "Planting" or Propagandizing?

In this missive, Brother Bob Ross asks a great question about Founders Ministries. Are they really interested in church planting or are they more interested in making converts to their warped theology?


Bob to Charles:,

Do you recall, Charles, a few months (March 30, 2007) I quoted from Brother Tom Ascol of the Founders as follows:

"We also plan to become more involved in helping churches become actively involved in planting new churches."

Since then, to my knowledge, Tom has published nothing substantial about any "church plantings," but instead continues to waste time and money on "conferences" and mailing out a basically Presbyterian DVD to all SBC pastors in Florida, propagandizing in promoting Hybrid Calvinism.

His idea of "church planting" must mean the planting of Hybrid Calvinism which will either "reform" or split existing non-Hybrid churches.

What think ye?

Hybrid Calvinist Iain Murray -- after nearly 50 years of promoting pedobaptist Hybrid Calvinism -- has said that "Calvinists" such as those in the Flounders "have not been sufficiently alert to the danger of allowing a supposed consistency in doctrine to override the biblical priority of zeal for Christ and the souls of men"? (Spurgeon v. Hyper Calvinism, page xiv).

To quote Iain Murray again:

"It is apparent that the recovery of doctrinal Christianity is not necessarily our chief need today. . . the priority which soul-winning had in Spurgeon's ministry is not commonly seen to be our priority. The revival in doctrine has scarcely been matched by a revival of evangelism." (ibid, pages xiii, xiv).

It is obvious that Tom Ascol has yet not come to appreciate Murray's insights into the lack of evangelism on the part of self-professed "Calvinists" who are in reality non-creedal Hybrid Calvinists.

How many more Hybrid Calvinist churches must dry-up and die before Tom and the Flounders come to see what Murray has come to see? I was invited to fill the pulpit recently at a church where "Calvinism" obviously has had priority over evangelism, and the few members let me know they have so declined that they are now regrettably at the point of selling their lovely church building and adjoining property.


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