Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Timmy Brister's Baloney

Brother Bob Ross posted this comment today. Bob and I have written previously about Tim Brister's bizarre and unrational criticism of Southern Baptist leaders and churches. For more about this theologically troubled young man, see

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Brother Bob asks a probing question, "What is Brister learning at Southern Seminary?" What indeed?


Bob to Charles:

Tom Ascol has posted a comment by SBTS student Timmy Brister which further reveals the hypocrisy of Ascol.

We commented in a recent post about some of Brister's penchant for baloney, but why would Ascol publish it -- if he really means "It is time for this generation of believers to learn how to disagree over substantive issues without falling into the sins of slander and bearing false witness."

Timmy Brister posted on Ascol's blog, 2:15 PM, April 14, 2007:

Heresy is a real issue today, not the least of which is open theism, the rejection of a literal hell, process theology, etc. But I would dare say that equally as threatening to orthodoxy is the kind of fundamentalism Falwell touts as "a badge of honor."

Would you, Charles, have ever imagined that a "sane" student of Tom Nettles and Al Mohler would allege that Jerry Falwell's views are "equally as threatening to orthodoxy" as the views of those who hold "open theism, the rejection of a literal hell, process theology, etc."?

Why does professed "gentleman" Tom Ascol publish such trashy tommyrot as that against a Southern Baptist pastor?

Also, Brister (without tongue in cheek) adds:

Just a quick glance from the life and battles of Paul in the early church will show that the threats against the gospel came from those within the camp as much as those without.

Here Brister is equating Jerry Falwell's theoretical difference about the extent of the atonement to some in the early church who were enemies of the gospel and the apostle Paul!

Is this what Brister is learning at Southern Seminary?


At Thursday, April 19, 2007 11:20:00 PM, Blogger Grosey's Messages said...

as Erasmus once said "I think one gets further by courtesy and moderation than by clamour. That was how Christ brought the world under His sway.... We must take pains to say nothing out of arrogance or faction, for I think the Spirit of Christ would have it so. We must keep our minds above the corruption of anger or hatred or of ambition; for it is this that lies in wait for us when our religious zeal is in full course. May the Lord Jesus ever more richly endue you with His Spirit every day for His own glory and the good of mankind" To Luther May 30 1519.
Again to Luther he wrote on August 1 1520 "It is a serious matter to challenge men who cannot be overthrown without a major upheaval. And I fear upheavals of that kind all the more, because they so often burst out in a different direction from what was intended. If a man lets in the sea it is not in his power to control where it should go. .. I wish you could write a treatise on some part of Holy Scripture and keep personal feelings out of it. It may be in the meantime that this turmoil will die down."

Proverbs 11:12 Whoever belittles his neighbor lacks sense, but a man of understanding remains silent.



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