Monday, July 20, 2009

Brister Defends "Hybridism"


Just when the Internet sources used by the Flounders (Tom Ascol, Timmy Brister) seemed to indicate that the Flounders might be distancing themselves from their long-standing "reforming" purpose and moving toward promotion of the "Great Commission Resurgence" advocated by Johnny Hunt and Danny Akin, here comes Flounder assistant, Brister, making a "whipping boy" of Morris Chapman with an extended defense of the Pedobaptist Hybrid Calvinist theory of "pre-faith regeneration" (born again before faith).

This theory, if judged by the lack of evangelism on the part of its advocates, would no doubt have a stiffling effect upon the Great Commission Resurgence.

The Calvinist Flyswatter has refuted this theory in many articles for more than three years. We have shown that "pre-faith regeneration" is the basic theory of Hardshellism and many of those who hold a post-17th century Pedobaptist theory advocated by Pedobaptist writers such as Shedd, Berkhof, Packer, Sproul, Frame, as well as some "Reformed" Baptist writers such as Nettles, Schreiner, James White and others.

Despite the fact that GCR leader Danny Akin's theology book, A Theology for the Church, contends for a different view on regeneration (pages 735-745), Brister flies in the face of Akin's book by alleging that one must be "regenerated" (born again) before he believes.

Dr. Akin's book says "the teaching of Scripture is that regeneration is concurrent, or coincident, with conversion. This means that conversion and regeneration, as events, OCCUR AT THE SAME TIME" (page 742).

While Dr. Akin's book affirms the truth that there is a necessary and preliminary work by the Holy Spirit in a sinner, it is denied that such preliminary work constitutes regeneration (page 743). See this link for more about the book -- SBC Seminary President Apparently Denies Hybrid Calvinist Heresy

Brister, perhaps, could have conceivably used his time and effort more profitably if he had engaged himself in that "church planting" effort which the Flounders claim they will do in E. Lee County, Florida . . . if they can spare the time away from conferences, twittering, and blogging.


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