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Last year, the Flounders [aka Founders, headed by Tom Ascol] announced that the home church, Grace Baptist in Cape Coral, was going to plant a church. Assistant Pastor Timmy Brister erected a website and gave the details of the plans.

From time-to-time, I have consulted the website to see what progress was being made. We were hopeful that the Flounders had at last developed an interest in doing something which resembled the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. But at this point in time, there has been no further report since late 2008 concerning any progress in establishing a church.

It seems that the Flounders have become diverted and are now enamored with "signing on" to Danny Akin's "Great Commission Resurgence," apparently neglecting the work which they had previously announced. As for Akin's GCR, that seems to be something which so far is still an item "on paper" rather than being an active outreach in practical evangelistic endeavor. There has even been some controversy about the GCR on the part of some in the Southern Baptist Convention, despite President Johnny Hunt's promotional efforts.

At any rate, we hope to see more practical progress in the GCR than has been evident in the efforts of the Flounders' leaders in starting a new church. If Johnny Hunt keeps up his efforts, we have reason to believe there will be some noticeable results in the GCR category. Johnny is a "go-getter" and is known for his zealous efforts in getting out the Gospel.

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Reading your remarks about Founders, the church plant and GCR, the words from the old Nike commercial comes to mind -- "Just do it!" Sometimes I wonder if we make church planting more complex than it need be. Decide on an area in which to labour, find a house in which to meet, set a weekly meeting date and invite persons from the neighbourhood to come while engaging the neighbourhood itself, replying upon the Spirit to accompany the sharing of the gospel. From what I have read concerning this evangelistic activity, it is a good deal of talk about evangelism and church planting -- including talking with Thom Rainer about church planting -- without actually doing the planting.

I recognize there are practical matters included in church planting, but many of them can be dealt with while the new church is meeting and evangelizing.

- Ian


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