Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Comment to Challies


Tim Challies is highly esteemed as a blogger by the Pedobaptist Hybrid Reformed Calvinist camp (though Tim says he is "not a pedobaptist"). I seldom ever read Tim, so I don't know if he is as good as some seem to think. When I read a few things in the past, it was rather boring than interesting. But then, most stuff by Hybrid Calivinists is boring, isn't it? And Tim seems to be top-heavy on the so-called "Reformed" Hybrid Calvinist views which are about as boring as boring can get.

At any rate, I was referred to Tim's recent post in which he holds up C. S. Lovett's approach to Soul Winning for the amusement of the deadhead Hybrids who, for the most part, don't even make any soul winning efforts and manage to find fault with those who do. After all, when your babies get "born again" either before birth or very soon thereafter, as taught by the Hybrid Reformed Pedobaptists, who needs soul winning?

While Tim has inspired "hoots" from his audience in regard to C. S. Lovett, Tim and his cohorts in Hybrid Reformed thinking stand for many more ridiculous ideas than Lovett ever dreamed of.

Here's a comment I sent to Tim via email:

Dear Tim:

What evils you and others perceive in C. S. Lovett's Soul Winning book are miniscule in comparison to the evils perpetrated by the Pedobaptists in regard to the infant regeneration idea which has filled Pedobaptist churches and pulpits with unregenerates. Get the sawlog out of your own eye before you try to clean out Lovett's.

Bob L. Ross

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At Tuesday, May 26, 2009 4:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Challies is a leader in a Reformed Baptist church that very firmly esteems Credo Baptism.

Just thought you should know.

At Tuesday, May 26, 2009 5:34:00 PM, Blogger Bro. Jeff Hallmark said...

Hear, Hear!!!

Well Said!


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