Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blast From The Past: Five Years Ago From The Calvinist Flyswatter

Are Altar Calls Justified by Founders' Founder, Ernest Reisinger?

Bend it Like Timmy Brister!
Quote: "I challenge Timmy Brister to name one Southern Baptist pastor or evangelist who believes that a 'mechanical formula' can 'unlock the heavenly code' and save a sinner! Put up or shut up, Timmy! I made a similar challenge to Steve Camp months ago and I’m still waiting for an answer. Hello?"

Timmy Brister Attends Billy Graham School Yet Attacks Billy Graham's Methods

Timmy Brister Attacks Altar Calls in Southern Baptist Churches

Good articles all. And five years later, I'm still waiting for Timmy and Steve to answer.



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