Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wax Waxes On About LifeWay's Calvinist-Inspired Curriculum

In a Baptist Press article, Trevin Wax waxed on about the new curriculum from LifeWay, saying "This is more than curriculum."

Truer words were never spoken. Given that modern Reformed Calvinists have followed the lead from Tom Ascol and the Founders in deceiving churches, I'm sure LifeWay's new Bible study will be much, much more than mere curriculum.

This new LifeWay study will be "for children, students and adults." Remember, dear readers, that for years Tom Ascol and the Flounders has advocated the use of literature in the takeover of churches. In their takeover manual, they state:
Use sound literature, not indiscriminately, but wisely. Set up a book table in your church. Start with little things at first, that is, pamphlets and books with some doctrinal and experiential substance. Some possibilities are John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Martyn Lloyd Jones’s Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, Joseph Alleine’s A Sure Guide to Heaven, Horatius Bonar’s Words to Winners of Souls, and J. I. Packer’s Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God.
Now, of course, Calvinists can just go to LifeWay for literature when they want to takeover a church.

The Founder's takeover manual cautions against being open and honest about the intention to "reform" a church. They say,
Avoid terms such as Calvinism, reformed, doctrines of grace, particular redemption, etc. Most people will not know what you are talking about. Many that do will become inflamed against you.
LifeWay, did you think no one would notice?



At Tuesday, January 31, 2012 1:28:00 AM, Blogger Bruce Oyen said...

You are very bold to point out the fautls of others, and to reveal their names. Why, then, do you keep your identity hidden? What or who are you afraid of?


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