Tuesday, January 24, 2012

LifeWay's Calvinist Deception Gets Noticed

Never fear dear readers. The Calvinist Flyswatter is still on the job. On January 11, we alerted Southern Baptists to LifeWay's new Calvinist-influenced literature. Not that it was a secret. Eddie Stetzer openly wrote about it on his blog weeks before. The Baptist Press also reported on it.

But leave it to The Flyswatter to tell the rest of the story, namely that nearly ever person on Eddie's "Advisory Board" was an extreme born-again-before-faith Calvinist.

A little over a week after our Flyswatter article the blog SBC Issues suggested that the literature "needs to be marked as a Reformed, Calvinist Project." Then yesterday Peter Lumpkins released a blockbuster new article, "Lifeway Resources pushes Calvinism in latest Bible study curriculum." Peter has extensive information on exactly who is overseeing this fiasco.

LifeWay has to be aware of the deceptive tactics that SBC extreme Calvinists use to push their radical born-again-before-faith heresy. Tom Ascol's Founder's Ministries, for example, has long advised Calvinist pastors to take over non-Calvinist churches. As part of the "take over plan," the pastors are advised to "avoid terms such as Calvinism, reformed, doctrines of grace, particular redemption, etc." I wonder if the same tactics apply to LifeWay's new literature?

I won't rehash in this article the churches that have been split because of the influence of Tom Ascol and Founders Ministries (yes, they actually call it a ministry). It's time for Southern Baptists to call LifeWay to account. Shame on you, LifeWay!


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