Friday, November 04, 2011

Al Mohler Spits On Adrian Rogers' Grave

Long time readers of The Calvinist Flyswatter know that we have been concerned about Al Mohler and Southern Seminary for years. In 2006, we published our article Is Al Mohler Responsible For The SBC's Drop In Baptisms? and what we said then is more true today than ever.

Perhaps emboldened that nothing happened to him after we pointed out the obvious, Dr. Mohler has now done the unthinkable. Southern Baptists everywhere should be shocked.

Don't believe me? Watch the video recently posted by Peter Lumpkins. In it, Mohler says there is no other true and viable theological option other than Reformed theology. Of course by this he means the extreme/hyper/hybrid Calvinist theology taught at Southern Seminary which promotes the wild heresy that regeneration, i.e. the new birth, occurs before faith.

Mohler has essentially spit on Adrian Rogers' grave. Mohler says Reformed theology is the only place to go if you are "theologically minded," "deeply committed," and "committed to the gospel." So who was Adrian Rogers, Dr. Mohler? A false prophet?

Southern Baptists, why is this man president of one of our seminaries?



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