Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scott Morgan . . . about-face?


Those of you who were reading the Flyswatter in 2006 will probably recall our friend in Georgia, Pastor Scott Morgan. Scott was so much of a militant "Calvinist" and so persuaded of his views that he ventured to suggest he would meet me in a public debate. I accepted the challenge, but at this point in time the debate is evidently "still pending."

I received the following email from our good friend, Ian Elsasser, who is keen in "keeping tabs" on what is going on in FloundersWorld and at other campsites of the Hybrid Calvinists. Apparently, Scott Morgan has had a change in attitude, and if so, we believe it is all for the better.

Ian writes:


Scott Morgan has made an appearance on the Founders blog and demonstrates the different spirit which we had noted about a year and a half ago:

Scott said...
Tom, I have been following the blogs of Peter Lumpkins, Founders,and BI Folks. I see alot of misunderstanding of each other and accusations toward both sides. Can we not just stop and call a large mtg somewhere and sit down as brothers face to face ???

Pastor Johnny Hunt forgave me when I went way overboard on him. We met face to face and communicate almost weekly. We have had two dinners together and the love that he has shown me has blown me away. Yes, we may disagree on some things theologically but Pastor Johnny loves Christ and has taught me more things lately about being a strong Christian and Pastor than anyone of late.

There is no reason why Dr. Patterson, Malcolm, You, Dr. Akin, and whoever can't sit down together. Shame on the one or ones who feel they can't sit down and talk and pray through these things. This includes Wade Burleson as well. I understand that Wade has tried to meet with Dr. Patterson and he was not allowed to. This is wrong !!! I'm thankful that Johnny Hunt gave me the chance to ask for his forgiveness !!!! Johnny has taught me more about being a Christian and Pastor lately than anyone. What is interesting is that we disagree on some things theologically but I love this man and brother !!! Does anyone else believe that these men need to sit down face to face and talk ???? Link

I recall that when Charles was still active here that he told Scott that he was praying for him, and perhaps Charles' prayers had some contribution to make to the Lord's goodness in giving Brother Morgan a change of mind and heart. I myself have had a few conservations with Scott by phone, and had the pleasure of meeting him personally several years ago when we were in Atlanta for the Christian Booksellers Association. He is a lover and reader of Spurgeon's sermons, and Spurgeon also may have contributed to Scott's new attitude.

May God Bless Scott's ministry in his area!





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