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Brister blisters Southern


"There are things that Baptists can learn and benefit from Presbyterians or other non-Southern Baptists. . . . I personally recently spent a week at a church planting conference led by Presbyterians, and I received better teaching and training in that one week than my entire experience in seminary in the Billy Graham school at SBTS."

So says Timmy Brister, Assistant Pastor to Flounders leader Tom Ascol at Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida, a 2008 graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary।

Brister's testimony seems to confirm what we have observed about Brister from time-to-time -- he evidently was not very well grounded by his teachers in Baptist faith and practice at Southern Seminary. In a post as recent as November 19, 2008, we said:

"Southern Seminary graduate Timmy Brister, now working with Flounder Tom Ascol as assistant pastor at the church in Florida, seems to have missed instruction about what Baptists -- even those in Sunday School -- know and believe as to Baptist doctrine."

Also, see "Evangelism According to Timmy Brister" for more evidence of Brister's lack of solid teaching in sound Baptist doctrine at Southern Seminary. Brister was apparently taught at SBTS in such a manner as to leave him vulnerable to Pedobaptist Presbyterian theology and ecclesiology. We know he holds the Pedobaptist "born again before faith" heresy, and now on his website he has been actively propagandizing for affiliating with Pedobaptists (baby baptizers) in "church planting."

Brister's infatuation with the Pedobaptists is perhaps an obvious consequence of Dr. Al Mohler's and Dr. Tom Nettles' infatuation and affiliation with, and approval, of baby-baptizing ministers. When Seminary leaders set the example by "playing footsies" with Pedobaptists, it tends to rub off on young minds such as Brister. When the Seminary embellishes Pedobaptist ministers who teach "born again before faith," such as John Frame, R. C. Sproul, and others as guest speakers, uses Pedobaptist textbooks which emphasize Pedobaptist theology, it is probable that Baptist convictions will be regarded by students as of less significance. It is therefore no marvel that we often hear reports of students leaving Southern Baptists for the Pedobaptists.

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At Tuesday, February 24, 2009 11:35:00 PM, Blogger Bruce Oyen said...

This is significant info, Bob. Thanks!

At Wednesday, February 25, 2009 12:38:00 AM, Blogger Bruce Oyen said...

Bob, this is important info. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

At Wednesday, February 25, 2009 10:39:00 AM, Blogger Bob L. Ross said...


Bob, I appreciate the info about Brister and the SBC seminary training he received. Please keep it coming.

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At Wednesday, February 25, 2009 11:11:00 AM, Blogger Bob L. Ross said...



Thinking of you, asking our Father to bless you even more on the day that you began. Have a good lunch & visit, tell everyone hello; someone must give the birthday whipping! God bless. D, Ps. 35:9
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Note to Deborah:

Thanks for the greeting. I was hopeful that you and Harold could come over from Beaumont today, but look forward to your visit later this week or next week.

I hope your eyes are holding out, as you pursue your goal of reading the entire set of Spurgeon's 63-volumes of sermons! You already know more than some SBTS graduates, just from reading Spurgeon!

At Wednesday, February 25, 2009 11:22:00 AM, Blogger Bob L. Ross said...


Happy, happy



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Not Mary. Not Moses. Not Mohammed.

JESUS CHRIST is the only way.

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At Wednesday, February 25, 2009 12:36:00 PM, Blogger Bob L. Ross said...



Bob, with all those birthday greetings, the rest of us want to know how old you are. But you must tell the truth!

Well, Bruce, I am happy to say that I am a ripe old 74, and you would know that if you read my blogger's profile.

When one gets to my age, he is among the "sages" -- which according Webster means "a mature or venerable man of sound judgment." That would perhaps not "fly" with the Flounders, the Hybrids, the Reformed, and the current crop of youngsters who are trying to "discover,"
"recover," "reform," or "defend"
the Gospel, but long ago I learned to be patient with the novices. In due time, and a little more aging, many of them will come around.


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