Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bridges still unsafe


It seems that Tom Ascol of the Flounders' blog is inclined to allow all sorts of balderdash from his Hybrid Calvinists "Flounders Friendlies," but he puts the clamps down otherwise.

The King of Blogging Verbosity, Gene M. Bridges, made some discrediting comments on Ascol's Flounders' blog with regard to Stephen Garrett, and when Stephen replied, Tom found reasons for disallowing Stephen's reply. You can checkout the story on Stephen's blog, BaptistGadfly.

In Bridges' comments, he once again demonstrates he is "still out" and unsafe for blog travellers. Garrulous Gene says:

". . . Mr. Garrett is one of Bob L. Ross little group. Personally, I don't think that bodes well, for he's one that thinks that when we say 'regeneration precedes faith' we're hyperCalvinists."

First of all, I have never called Bridges a "hyper" Calvinist. $100 reward to the first person who can find where I ever did so.

As to Bungling Bridges -- whatever the size of his tongue -- little or big, I personally was so unfortunate as to have never heard of the man or read any of his palabbering until he showed up in a large manner on blogs, with the apparent gift of writing "the mostest on the leastest."

He so highly esteemed his bloggadocio that he evidently injected himself here on the Flyswatter on the vain presumption that he could thwart the Flyswatter.

Surprisingly, it was rather easy to "nail his hide to the wall," and so gorgeous Gene soon decided that "the better part of wisdom" would be to leave well enough alone -- which you may observe from the following links:

The Blunders of Gene Bridges

Gene M. Bridges falls down on "regeneration before faith"

More Blunders of Gene Bridges

Bridges still out

As for the "hyper Calvinist" matter, the notion that I have ever once referred to Gene as a "hyper Calvinist" is merely wishful thinking on Gene's part. I have referred to him as "semi-Pelagian" and "Hybrid Calvinist," but I have never called him a "hyper" Calvinist.

As for his reference to an imaginery "Bob L. Ross little group," for whatever benefit Gene derives from using that labeling, he is welcome to it; after all, he can find little comfort for his non-creedal heterodoxy on
"regeneration" in any substantial source.


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