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Here is an email I received from Larry Wessels, informing me that he has put the Bob L. Ross-Bill Jackson Debate on the Internet:


It took me forever to get this page done but praise God it's done now. I'll be sending this e-mail to my whole e-mail list. Feel free to forward it to your list as well (that should give us some good advertising for your debate videos here).


1 Peter 3:15--- On Thu, 7/9/09,

Hello Everyone,

Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus. As you know our ministry, Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater (,, & is an evangelism & apologetics outreach. Over the years we have done theological battle with about every religious view that opposes the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible. Unfortunately, virtually every cult and false religion uses the Bible in one way or another to support their own erroneous ideas about what the way of salvation is.

Besides battling Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Atheism, etc. we have done major battle with the current day followers of the "Restoration Movement" founded by Thomas & Alexander Campbell, Barton W. Stone & Walter Scott back in the early 1800s. Familiar are the names "Church of Christ," "Disciples of Christ," and "Christian Church" which have their origins in the "Restoration Movement." The rise of the cults such as Mormonism come out of this movement as well (download the above attachment for more information on that).

We have done numerous televised debates with "Church of Christ" representatives over the course of the years and I am pleased to announce that we have successfully uploaded some of that material to the internet. Perhaps we will eventually be able to upload all our available material in the future on this subject for those who need this information for evangelism and/or apologetic purposes.

The following is our postings on Yahoo Video & Youtube (you need high speed computer capacity to view these). The Yahoo Video presentations are the complete 1 hour broadcasts while the Youtube presentations are quick 10 minute shows highlighting the big 22 hour debate series on Yahoo Video.

This week long "Church of Christ" debate took place between Bob L. Ross, author of "Campbellism, Its History & Heresies," "The Restoration Movement," & "Acts 2:38 and Baptism Remission" and nationally known speaker & writer Bill Jackson of the Southwest Church of Christ of Austin, Texas.

The following are the url links for the "Church of Christ" Week Long Debate:

#1: Television "Memory Lane" Review

#2: Introduction to Debate

#3: Are Baptists Bad Guys?

#4: Campbellites, Baptists & Birdseed

#5: Alex's "Restoration Pattern"

#6: Plan of Salvation - Synecdoche?

#7: "Ancient Gospel" is Baptism?

#8: Baptism is the Plan of Salvation?

#9: "In Order To Obtain" Remission

#10: Acts 2:38 & How Many Baptisms Needed?

#11: "Church" that Campbell Built

#12: Tombstones & Campbellite History

#13: Early Campbellites Had Beards

#14: Millennial Harbinger & Calvinism

#15: Obey "In Order To Obtain"

#16: Jackson's "Church" Has President

#17: Road Markers and Apostate Baptists

#18: Point of Faith - Dead Before Baptism?

#19: Mechanical Instruments & Obedience

#20: "Greek" Texts & Past & Alien Sins

#21: Ross & Wessels Review Major Points

#22: Ross & Wessels Review Major Points

Here are the urls for the 8 Youtube shorts concerning this same debate:

#1: Is the "Church of Christ" the Real Church? #1 (Introduction)

#2: Is the "Church of Christ" the Real Church? #2 (Debate Highlights)

#3: Is the "Church of Christ" the Real Church? #3 (Video Highlights)

#4: Is the "Church of Christ" the Real Church? #4 (Debate Highlights)

#5: Is the "Church of Christ" the Real Church? #5 (Debate Highlights)

#6: Is the "Church of Christ" the Real Church? #6 (Debate Highlights)

#7: Is the "Church of Christ" the Real Church? #7 (Debate Highlights)

#8: Is the "Church of Christ" the Real Church? #8 (Campbellism)

Feel free to utilize these videos for whatever Christian ministry purpose you may have in mind.

May the Lord bless you,

Larry Wessels
Director, Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater
(,, &


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