Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LEAD -- A Pedo conference?


It seems that both Timmy Brister, assistant to Flounders' leader, Tom Ascol, and perhaps even other Flounders have been tutored the past few days by the Pedobaptists.

Concerning the LEAD conference in St. Louis, I received the following information via email about the speakers involved:

Five of the leaders are paedobaptistic (Bradley, Chapell, Doriani, Thune and Nabors), but I would not say it is under the control of Covenant Theological Seminary (two of the presenters, Bradley and Chapell, teach there and Randy Nabors is a graduate). I have searched in vain for denominational affiliation for the other churches/pastors on their respective church websites, including the host church, The Journey. However, Matt Carter of Austin Stone Community Church appears to be associated with Southern Baptists of Texas ( and Jonathan McIntosh of The Journey was educated at Missouri Baptist University (

I don't understand why churches cannot put an affiliation on their websites, even if to say they are unaffiliated or nondenominational.


It is strange how those who claim to be successors of Southern Baptist "founders" of the 19th century are so infatuated with non-Baptist tutors.


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