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Flounders and the future


It has been asked by a Flounders-Friendly writer of recent date, "Does the SBC Have a Future?" and he offers comments along the lines of pessimism toward the SBC which was highly pleasing to the Flounders' Flounder-in-Chief, Tom Ascol. Ascol exubriantly proclaimed that Nathan Finn's "insights are prophetic."

We will leave the prophetic speculation about the future of the SBC to the likes of Finn and Ascol. A more realistic question might be, "Do the Flounders Have a Future?" Can they survive solely on their proselytization of naive Southern Baptists to "Reformed" Hybrid Calvinism?

The Flounders up to this point have not grown thru evangelization. To my knowledge, not a single one of their Flounders-Friendly churches were "planted" by the newly converted, but were already existing or were formed by those who split from existing churches over "Reformed" issues.

And although they proclaim themselves to be a "Reformed" group, they do not practice the procedure which sustains "Reformed" pedobaptist sects, which is infant baptism. Will proselytization of Southern Baptists alone sustain the Flounders in the days ahead?

The recent report of the SBC's statistics for the past year are not really as earth-shaking as Finn and Ascol propose. The Flounders would be happy to have such numbers! Read the numbers for yourself here.

There were 345,941 baptisms in 2007,
473 new churches,
6,148,868 average Primary Worship Attendance,
7,876,611 average Sunday School Attendance.

The most conservative of the pedobaptist "Reformed" sects, the Presbyterian Church of America -- which is often extolled by some of the Flounders-Friendlies on account of "Reformed" theology -- is not exactly known for evangelism of the lost, but is largely dependent upon baptizing and adding infants to the church membership.

Note the latest numbers which the PCA has posted for the year 2006:

Adult baptisms, 2,689
Infant baptisms, 5,368
Number of churches, 1,345

Those figures reveal that over 66% of the members added to the "Reformed" PCA churches in 2006 were unbelieving and, by Baptist standards, unregenerate infants.

As we have noted before, adding infants to the church is obviously the primary life-line for the PCA's survival. On the whole, their churches are not known to make much effort to evangelize, but they do pick up some members by proselytization from other denominations. Reportedly, the PCA has received some members from the SBC who have become infatuated with the PCA's Hybrid Calvinist theology. In fact, even some of those influenced by the Flounders reportedly have opted for leaving Baptists for the PCA.

Since the Flounders are committed to what they call "reform" rather than to evangelism and soul winning, what kind of future can the Flounders expect from theological proselytization alone?

Furthermore, if the SBC leadership, pastors, and churches become widely incensed with Floundersism and its divisiveness, and call for the "disfellowshipping" of the Flounders-Friendlies, the Flounders would most likely suffer a very serious decline even in proselytization. What then?


At Sunday, April 27, 2008 6:46:00 PM, Blogger Bob L. Ross said...


I had intended to mention the fact that the commentaries I have seen on the SBC statistics do not mention the effect of the decline in "Anglo" birthrate, as an ethnic group, in Southern states.

The SBC has historically been an Anglo-predominant convention of churches in the South, but with the decline of the Anglo birthrate, there has been a decreasing number of children born and raised by SBC parents -- consequently a lower rate of Anglo converts and baptisms in some Southern states.

I've not seen any stats, but here in Texas I would venture to say that the rate of baptisms in the SBC has increased over 2006, but the increase would be accounted for by Texas Latinos rather than Anglos.
We seem to have more of a share of Latinos than some other Southern states.

At Monday, April 28, 2008 10:38:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As scripture reveals God did more with the least than with the greater. It is proven numerically and individually throughout the Bible.

We who rely on statis and the view that bigger is better needs a good dose of the Bible and the Truth that is within.

At Monday, April 28, 2008 7:26:00 PM, Blogger Bob L. Ross said...


Anonymous said...

As scripture reveals God did more with the least than with the greater. It is proven numerically and individually throughout the Bible.

That makes me wonder why He made so many Angels.


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