Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ascol on "caricatures"


Flounders leader Tom Ascol says, "I hope I live long enough to see the day when the common caricatures of the doctrines of sovereign grace have been so widely exposed that any self-respecting preacher will be ashamed to keep serving them up," etc.

Some Christians who are not a part of the "Flounders Friendly" sect likewise probably long to see the day when common caricatures put forth by the Flounders will meet a similar end.

For example, the repeated caricatures by Flounders and other Hybrid Calvinists which allege that those who are not Hybrid Calvinists are guilty of --

(1) "decisional regeneration," when they insist, as Spurgeon did, that "decision" is involved in repentance and faith in Christ;

(2) "invitational salvation," when they proclaim that those who hear the Gospel are responsible to accept it and respond by making a public confession of faith in Christ, as taught by Dr. John A. Broadus of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary;

(3) "say- a- prayer salvation," when they say the "sinner's prayer" is appropriate in urging men to accept Christ, just as Ernest Reisinger prayed that prayer when he was saved; and just as Spurgeon used it at Metropolitan Tabernacle

(4) "Arminianism" when they say no more or less than what B. H. Carroll, C. H. Spurgeon, A. H. Strong, J. L. Dagg, and other Baptists and Puritans taught, that one is not born again, or regenerated, until he is brought by the combined influences of the Word and Spirit to faith in Christ;

(5) "not honest" when they differ with Hybrid Calvinist views. How many times have I read statements such as Ascol's which begin, "No honest theologian," etc. Why are others denigrated as dishonest when they differ with Hybrid Calvinism?

Yes, that'll be the day if and when such caricatures by the Flounders and other Hybrid Calvinists ever cease.


At Thursday, April 24, 2008 9:37:00 AM, Blogger My Daily Bread said...

Amen! I endorse these comments as being the truth.

God bless



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