Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thanks to the Pedos


When you baptize babies and make them church members, and they grow up believing they were "regenerated" in infancy (if not before they were even born), there is no assurance that there is a bright Christian future for them or the churches.

In fact, some of the most notable instances of unscriptural "Christianity" derived from this Pedobaptist [BABY BAPTIZER] practice.

The entire Roman Catholic Church world-wide is overwhelmingly sustained by infant baptism, as are all of the Pedobaptist Protestant denominations. When we consider how much wealth, real estate, financial investments, and political power are in the hands of Pedobaptist Roman Catholic and Protestant denominations, we realize that infant baptism is verily an "industry" which involves "big business." Wall Street, the United Nations, and the European Common Market would probably all crash along with these denominations if baby baptism ceased to be practiced in the Pedo bodies in the USA, England, and Europe.

The Pope is always a Pedobaptist.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is always a Pedobaptist.

The Jesuits are Pedobaptists.

Not only so, several sects, aberrant relilgious groups, and notorious personalities have Pedobaptist backgrounds. Here is a random list of some who attained notoriety:

James Arminius was a Pedobaptist.

Thomas and Alexander Campbell, founders of the Campbellites, were Scottish Presbyterians.

Joseph Smith of the Mormons was a member of the Presbyterians.

Mary Baker Eddy was a Pedobaptist.

Charles Taze Rusell, founder of the JWs, was a Pedobaptist.

Charles T. Parham, founder of Pentecostalism, was Pedobaptist.

Peter Ruckman was a Pedobaptist.

Gilbert Beebe, one of the primary founders of Hardshellism, was a Pedobaptist.

The Neo-orthodox theologians out of Europe were Pedobaptists.

The New England Unitarians derived from the Pedobaptists.

The "Witch Hunters" of New England were Pedobaptists.

The State Churches in early Massachusetts and Virginia were Pedobaptists.

After Cortez conquered Mexico, Pedobaptist Roman Catholicism took over as the State Church. The same thing happened in South America when Romanism went to that continent. Those nations are still dominated by Pedobaptist Romanism.

Marx, Marquis de Sade, Darwin, Hitler, Castro, Noriega, and John Wilkes Booth were Pedobaptists.

What am I saying? that all the world's evils have been produced by Pedobaptists?

Not quite. I'm saying that most of these people and many more like them were baptized as babies and were regarded as "regenerated" and added to the church roll.

Was Pedobaptism the cause of their future degradation?

Not quite. It only served to put them into a professing Christian church when they were unsaved, and did nothing toward bringing them to Christ for salvation.

Spurgeon said:

"I do not know an error which causes the damnation of more souls than that at the present time. . . . Sacramental efficacy and baptismal regeneration, ALL SPRING FROM THE FIRST ERROR OF INFANT BAPTISM" (New Park Street Pulpit, Volume 6, page 168).


At Wednesday, November 19, 2008 11:15:00 PM, Blogger D. G. D. Davidson said...

Your big list of evil Pedobaptists is silly. Karl Marx, for example, was an atheist.

Do you think perhaps that you can make a list like this because most Christians have practiced pedobaptism? If I put up a list of great saints who were baptized as infants or practiced infant baptism and claimed, and if I then claimed that this proves the inherent goodness of the practice, you would no doubt recognize that my argument is foolish. This cuts both ways.


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