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The SBC's perpetual problem


In my teen years, I first encountered what I have observed to be an ongoing, perpetual problem in the Southern Baptist Convention which continues to this day -- namely, the unBaptistic influence of Pedobaptists in one form or another.

In my early years, it was the creeping influx of Neo-orthodoxy which derived from the foreign Pedobaptists, such as Barth, Brunner, Tillich, etc. It was gradually swallowed hook-line-and-sinker by many of the "intelligentsia" in the SBC institutions of alleged "higher learning."

And the "Neos" seemed to dominate the "intelligentsia" category for many years, although this "doxy" was seldom understood or accepted by "lay" people who, nevertheless, financed its advocates by being "good, cooperative" Southern Baptist churches -- churches which solaced themselves by believing they were "doing God's work" by faithfully giving to the Cooperative Program -- despite the faith-denying professors in SBC Colleges and Seminaries.

In more recent times, here comes another instance of the Pedoheads trying to disintegrate, dismiss, and dismantle distinctive Baptist principles. Dr. R. Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has somewhat taken the recent piece of palabber to task on his blog, entitled, An Evangelical Response to "An Evangelical Manifesto" posted Monday, May 12, 2008 at 6:35 am ET.

What Dr. Al says is fine -- so far as it goes. It is what he doesn't say that is part of the ongoing problem. In fact, while Mohler critiques his fellow "intellectual," Dr. Timohty George --, one of the guilty hands which composed this "Manifesto" -- Mohler himself is part of the perpetual problem -- he himself often hobnobs with the Pedos. Therefore, Mohler can't very well take an outright "obnoxious" Baptist stand on anything that would offend his "Together for the Gospel" friends and other Pedo colleagues. After all, Mohler does not want to be known as the type of Baptist who is an "isolationist."

A lot of Southern Baptists, I hope, are getting fed-up with the likes of Mohler, Timothy George, Tom Nettles, Tom Ascol, and all of their ilk who "play footsies" with the Pedoheads. "Intellectual" arm-chair dead-heads like Pedo Os Guinness, who helped write the so-called "Manfiesto," have no more biblical sense than to teach that their babies are proper subjects for baptism and church membership. Why should a Baptist give such people the "time of day" on any type of "Manifesto" until they get their heads screwed on right?

In addition to this, Peter Lumpkins is calling attention to the fact that we now have a candidate for President of the SBC -- Les Puryear -- who is so Pedo-prone that he has contemplated casting his lot with the Pedos. According to Peter, Les has said,
"I feel like I'm somewhere in a demilitarized zone between baptist and presbyterian."

If you feel that way, Les, why don't you just go ahead and jump ship to the wadding pool? Baptists won't really miss one who has no more biblical sense than to admire the pitter-patter of baby baptisms.

Then, there's one of our favorite Hybrid Calvinist "whipping boys," Tom Ascol and his Phoney-Baloney Flounders Company -- originally inspired by the Pedo influence on Ernest Reisinger, theologically wed to Pedo "born again before faith" theology, and probably the single-most promoter of Pedo literature in the United States, to my knowledge. Tom has tried to pervert SBC pastors in Florida to Pedo "born again before faith" theology, and has recently hired a Pedo-promoter to become his assistant. The Flounders are another contributory to the perpetual Pedo problem in the SBC.

The Pedo problem just won't go away; it just alters its operational procedure. In the past, in contexts where the Pedos had the secular power to do so, they fined us, disenfranchised us, imprisoned us, beat us, tied us to the stake, and in some cases burned us at the stake. They can't do that anymore, so they infiltrate us, try to disintegrate us, belittle us, intimidate us, and theologically pervert us.

Of this recent "Manifesto," Mohler says, "I find many elements of the document to be very appealing and elegantly composed," then he offers a few critical comments about it.

But the fact is, this "Manifesto" is about as "appealing and elegant" as Delilah must have been when she seduced Samson and instigated Samson's eyes being gouged out!

It's about as "appealing and elegant" as Jezebel when she contrived the death of Naboth and the taking of his vineyard.

It's about as "appealing and elegant" as Pharaoh's wife must have been when she tried to make an adulterer out of Joseph.

It's about as "appealing and elegant" as Salome when she danced and John the Baptist's head was detached.

This so-called "Manifesto" is just another Pedobaptist piece of palabber which would disembowel distinctive Baptist principles which have always made us a "contemptible sect" in the eyes of Pedoheads who believe their babies are "covenant children" and are to be baptized and enrolled on the church roll as "regenerated" Christians.

Timothy George's participation in it is a disgrace, and Al Mohler's critique of the "Manifesto" leaves more unsaid than should have been said by a Baptist seminary president.

It should be denounced for what it is: just another Pedobaptist Piece of Pious Palabber which in reality has only one useful purpose -- lighting fires.


At Friday, May 16, 2008 5:06:00 PM, Blogger Bob L. Ross said...


I received this email from Brother Clyde Kendall, who was at Southern Seminary in the 1950s when Pedo Neo-orthodoxy prevailed. He is the author of a book, Life Changing Truths for These Crucial Times.

An Internet bio/promo:

"Dr. Clyde Kendall is a former pilot in WWII, businessman and pastor. He is a college and seminary graduate. The author has served God as a local church evangelist forty-one of his fifty years in the Gospel ministry throughout America and in many foreign countries. He has two sons and eight grandchildren. He is a member of First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Georgia."

Brother Kendall wrote:

"Dear Brother Ross:

First, I want to thank God and you for your most influential ministry in standing for truth. I was at SBTSeminary, Louisville, KY in the
1950s. I think it was one of the most rank of all of the seminaries. I got so sick of German criticism of the Bible, Barth, Brunner and the others. I was in the office of Dr. Duke McCall, the President at that time, just the two of us, for over 3 hours, after being graduated from that seminary. I would love to have that conference on tape. I was in the middle of that fight. I contacted some godly pastors and men of God, to inform them of the tragic situation there at SBTS. Thank God, Dr. Paige Patterson and Judge Pressler took the initiative and began to get men of God like my dear friend Adrian Rogers, Dr. Charles Stanley and others involved, to clean that mess up."

At Friday, May 16, 2008 6:01:00 PM, Blogger Charles said...

Brother Bob, Hello!

I find it sad that Adrian Rogers, Paige Patterson and the others who fought the fight won against liberalism but then handed the keys of the seminary to Al Mohler.

Mohler has turned it into an anti-SBC hyper /neo /extreme /hybrid Calvinist sanctuary.



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