Thursday, May 31, 2007

Death of Herbert Reynolds

Brother Bob Ross posted this today. I am glad to be able to share it with Flyswatter readers.


Bob to Charles:

Baptist Press reported yesterday the recent passing of former Baylor President, Herbert Reynolds

Reynolds was one of the "architects" of the anti-inerrancy-of-Scripture camp of "moderate-mainstream" DOWNSTREAM Baptists here in the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

He was also the primary constructor of the "Baptist Convention of the Americas," incorporated in 1998 by Reynolds, John Baugh, Paul Powell, and Winfred Moore, an organization which Reynolds hoped would consolidate the "downstreamers" to compete against the Southern Baptist Convention, but has never really gotten off the ground. To my knowledge, it has never "gone public" seeking affiliatiating churches.

Baugh, the Houston mult-millionaire, was Reynolds financial "crutch" for his anti-inerrancy projects. Now both Baugh and Reynolds have passed away in recent months. Also Paul Powell is resigning at the Truett Seminary, which Reynolds and Baugh helped to found on the Baylor campus to compete against Southwestern Seminary of Fort Worth.

Wonder who the replacements will be as trustees for the new convention which has yet to have any affiliating churches? To my knowledge, the four incorporators were the only "members" of the new convention!

In addition to the foregoing, Charles Wade, another influential leader in the anti-inerrancy camp in the Baptist General Convention of Texas, is resigning his post as the headman at BGCT headquarters. This comes after the financial scandal in the Valley where pseudo churches were "planted" by religious con-men as a means of siphoning big bucks from the BGCT.

These recent developments which involve Reynolds, Baugh, Powell, and Wade leave gapping holes at the elitist level of the anti-inerrancy camp. It will be interesting to see if others will step-up and seek to take over where these have left off. It will be hard to replace the "money bags" of Baugh and the venom of Reynolds against inerrancy. See this website for information on the leaders of the anti-inerrancy camp in Texas:


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