Friday, April 20, 2007

More Baloney -- This Time From Tom Ascol

Brother Bob Ross has some thoughts about Brother Tom Ascol's recent jubilation over the decline in SBC baptisms.

Tom has C. H. Spurgeon's picture on his blog. I wonder if Tom has considered what Spurgeon would think of his remarks?


Bob to Charles:

Speaking of baloney, Charles, have you seen Tom Ascol's amusing comments about the reported decline in baptisms in the latest SBC statistics?

Here are some excerpts from the "Flounders" blog:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Maybe we are baptizing fewer false converts

The recent Baptist Press report that "baptisms are down" for the previous year in the SBC is provoking much reflection and analysis. . . . Maybe the statistics indicate that we are baptizing fewer false converts. Or to state it positively, maybe they indicate that a greater care is being exercised in who gets baptized in our churches. . . . If this kind of commitment causes our baptism statistics to decline because our theology and practice of baptism has improved, then rejoice. It will not mean that fewer people are being converted, but that fewer false converts are getting wet.

How about that for an "answer" to the "why?" there are fewer baptisms?

With Tom, it seems that "less" may mean "better." Wonder if Tom baptized "fewer false converts" last year?

I wonder how Tom would explain the "Parable of the Sower" (Mark 4) where the lesson seems to indicate that there are some "false converts" even where the pure Word of God is preached?Or, has Tom's own church been able to do it better than that particular parable indicates? Does the preaching of Tom's brand of "Reformed" Calvinism guarantee no "false converts"?


At Saturday, April 21, 2007 11:49:00 AM, Anonymous Bob L. Ross said...


Bob to Charles:

Do you know any available stats about the number of baptisms in the "Founders Ministries" movement, Charles?

In view of their "anti" attitude on public invitations and some other things, I assume their professions and baptisms are rather meager.

Also, I think one of the elements which accounts for a decline in the SBC report on baptisms is the "loss" of some SBC churches to the so-called "Mainstream" (anti-inerrancy) movement, especially here in Texas where the Baptist General Convention is dominated by the anti-inerrantists.

Churches which go along with the "Mainstream Network," the "Cooperative Baptist Fellowship," the recent "New Covenant" movement, etc. probably do not report to the SBC about baptisms.

At Monday, April 23, 2007 7:51:00 PM, Blogger Charles said...

Brother Bob, Hello!

Good questions. I don't know if any recent stats are available. As you know, Tom Ascol has encouraged his followers not to report their stats to the SBC.

Your observations on the "mainstream" movement are good ones.



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